November Ordinariate Mass

Will be on Sunday 11th November (Remembrance Sunday) starting 12.30 pm at St Bernadette’s. We will commemorate all those who have died in defence of our country and freedom during the Mass. We had a really good attendance last month, so let’s make a fresh effort to support the Ordinariate Mass, to further the vision of the Holy Father that the Ordinariate act as a bridge to further the unity of the Church. A warm welcome is extended to everyone.

I am fresh from a short break in Bangkok, during which I was able to celebrate Mass and had a chance to talk about the Ordinariate with some nuns working in Thailand and a Japanese Catholic community there.

About Masaki

Priest of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, based in Blackpool.
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2 Responses to November Ordinariate Mass

  1. Don Henri says:

    Dear Father

    Do you plan on using the Book of Divine Worship? It seems that not a great many ordinariate Priests will have a go at it, preferring to wait for the definite liturgy or reluctant to use a liturgy based on an US BCP, or eager to stick with the Roman Rite, disregarding in doing so the hope expressed by the Holy Father that the Anglican liturgical patrimony should be shared with the wider Church.

    + PAX et BONUM

  2. Masaki says:

    Not at the moment. With a small number we thought it’s best not to try out various liturgies but wait until a definite version is authorised and published. Meanwhile we use the New Roman Missal with Anglican hymns.

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