Lent 1, a bit late

So far during our journey to the Catholic Church, we have met in the afternoon on a Sunday in the Parish Hall at St Bernadette’s, usually whilst indoor bowling proceeds in the main hall.

This last Sunday, we met after the 11am Mass, as usual in the hall, this time with a cup of tea to start and not end.

Before we met, we attended Mass.  Three chaps sat on one of the side pews, next to the (very effective) radiator pipes and squeezed into the space.  The place was packed – there had already been a Mass at 9.30 and one the previous evening and still the place was packed.  It was great.  The singing was genuine, the rite of Mass – unusual in some places for us three – was understandable (apart from one response in Latin, which I don’t yet know) and the whole thing enjoyable.

I think regular attendees would have noticed us as being ‘new’, and perhaps making the sign of the Cross in unusual places, but that didn’t matter a jot.  Nor did the fact we went for a blessing only.  Until we are confirmed in Holy Week, we will only receive a blessing.

This next week, we plan to grab a side-pew with a window-sill or sit in the main aisle of pews – we will have to be early to the Church though!

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