Now approaching Lent 3

I write this whilst travelling on a train between Cheltenham and Swindon – a journey I do roughly once a week.  My mobile doesn’t work much once we leave Gloucester until we approach Swindon.  Nothing wrong with the device, but there’s no signal.

So what happens when you loose the signal on a mobile?  You’re out of touch.  What happens when you loose the signal of your faith or the Church to which you belong?  You’re out of touch.

Some would argue that being in a transitional state between being (now and ex) member of the Church of England and being a member of the Roman Catholic Church could be a loss of signal and therefore I am out of touch.  Only in this case I don’t think it’s true.

I think I lost the signal of the C of E some time-ago when their policies and direction of travel meant people with my beliefs felt increasingly unwanted.  (A friend of mine once adopted the internet handle ‘Heretics’ in response to the utterances of one senior C of E cleric.)  I felt the signal strength and frequency was changing around me – I hadn’t changed my attitude – the church changed theirs.

In this case I have found a new signal which matches what I want and believe.  Signal strength is increasing as we proceed to Holy Week, when I and my fellow candidates in the Lancashire Ordinariate will join with many others nationwide when we will be confirmed and accepted into the Roman Catholic church.


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  1. doodler says:

    I am sure that those of us who trod this path last Lent will support you with our prayers. The signal strength gets even better!

  2. doodler says:

    To push the analogy further – just wait until you are hard-wired!

  3. Conchúr says:

    Welcome brothers and sisters. As a poor enough cradle Catholic myself, the faith and self-sacrifice of you and yours put me to shame. Going forward there will be trials and tribulations no doubt but I truly believe the Ordinariates will pay a key part in the renewal of the broader Catholic Church in the West even if we are much reduced. May your numbers ever multiply.

    A poor sinner.

  4. allotmentgirl says:

    You certainly have our prayers. Last Lent feels like such a long time ago. So much has happened. It was such a hard year. Having accepted that God was calling us in this direction, all of our group had their ups and downs, some had more downs than ups. Leaving people and communities that you have been part of is a difficult thing, as is joining a new community, with its own traditions, culture and oddities. Forming a new community also has its difficulites. All this is new. And yet, all of our group feel they made the right decision (just as well really!) And God has done amazing things, sometimes despite us. If this is where you are called to be you will find yourself drawn closer to God as a result. And if it wasn’t but you took the risk, you will draw closer to God as a result. Once again, all our prayers for your group this Lent.

  5. Greg says:

    Clear signal……no fuzziness.

    Very excited for you, and for us.

    Pax Christi, Greg

  6. You are very much in our prayers, not least because when I was Anglican I served at Poulton-le-Fylde & Carleton.
    Every blessing,
    Fr Ian Hellyer
    (Buckfast Ordinariate Group)

    • Masaki says:

      Dear Father

      I have been watching the progress of brave pioneers with much interest. You have been a great encouragement to us. As you know, it’s a bit of a desert here up North but we are determined to get the Ordinariate Group established and make it grow, with God’s help.
      I am doing my formation at Allen Hall and we look forward to meeting you all for the Chrism Mass and for the plenary meeting in June. I came to Blackpool in 2002 so I’ve just missed you at Poulton and Carleton. Thank you for your prayers and your support.

      With best wishes


      • I don’t know that we are that brave but you should know that you encourage us very much too. At the end of the day we all must do what our Lord wants. I too look forward to meeting you at the Chrism Mass.
        Some Catholic friends in Poulton have been praying for us too so don’t think you are alone up there!

  7. Paul Waddington says:

    Welcome to the fold. I hope that your little grows.

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