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It’s now less than two weeks to go until our reception and confirmation. We have cranked up our catechetical work to be fully prepared for this big event in our Christian life, and all the t’s are being crossed and i’s are dotted, from sacramental preparations to choosing our confirmation name – now that didn’t happened in the Church of England! I am choosing the name John (the Baptist), partly because I was born on the feast of his beheading (now that’s a sobering thought!), and partly because I have always admired the courage and humility of John as precurser of the Messiah. He gathered people around him through the force of his preaching and his ascetical lifestyle and wasn’t afraid to confront the king for his misdeed, yet when Jesus appeared he humbly withdrew and let Christ take centre stage, ultimately giving his life as a martyr.  Throughout my 40 years as Anglican and 33 years as priest, I have always considered it was my vocation to lead people to Christ, to prepare the way for the Lord to enter into their lives, and I want to continue this ministry as a Catholic priest in the Ordinariate.

So please pray for the three of us who will be received into the Catholic Church and confirmaed on Tuesday 3rd April 12 noon at St Bernadette’s Bispham by the parish priest, Fr Steven Pearson.

But it’s not the end. Far from it, it’s only a new beginning, as we become a proper Ordinariate group with members, and until I’m ordained to the priesthood, expected sometime in June, Masses will be offered for us by diocesan and Ordinariate priests, whose support has been nothing short of remarkable.

We congratulate Deacon Robert Mercer who was ordained deacon today at Allen Hall Seminary by Bishop Alan Hopes, who will  ordain him priest on Monday 26th March at Portsmouth Cathedral.

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Priest of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, based in Blackpool.
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