We are Catholics Now

From left to right at the back: Fr Steve (parish priest), Fr Andrew (assistant priest); at the front: Masaki, Sandy and Ian. And with my family in front of the church


The rite of reception and confirmation took place today in cold and wet Blackpool but there was a spring in our steps as we made our way to St Bernadette’s. There was a good number of people from the parish supporting us, as well as our local Catholic MP and our families. Fr Steven, the parish priest who has been so supportive of us, reminded us that we have been leading a Christian life since baptism and today is a culmination of a lifetime of spiritual journey that has taken us to the door of the Catholic Church. He told us how proud he was to welcome us into the Church, into the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham and wished us all happiness and blessings in our new home. In a simple yet dignified ceremony, we first made our profession of faith, that all that the Catholic Church believes, teaches and proclaims is revealed by God (without a shadow of doubt), we were received as full members of the Catholic Church in communion with the Pope and a billion Catholics the world over, and were signed with the oil of chrism on our forehead and sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit in Confirmation. The event was covered by a photographer from the local paper, and we took a lot of pictures, some of which appear here.

Now we are looking forward to participating fully in the Easter Triduum. Our catechetical instruction will recommence on Low Sunday (Divine Mercy Sunday) on 15th April.

So Lancashire Ordinariate Group here we come!

About Masaki

Priest of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, based in Blackpool.
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  1. Rachel K says:

    Congratulations! Well done! Welcome! It is fantastic to see the photos of your reception into the Catholic Church. I am a cradle Catholic and am privileged to be friends with the Manchester Ordinariate Group who were received this time last year. What a great encouragement you are to us all- thankyou. I’ll be praying for many blessings for you this Easter. God Bless you and kind regards.

  2. Fr. David Elder says:

    Congratulations and Welcome to the Lancashire Ordinatiate Group!
    I am privileged to know Masaki and to have been able to follow these recent weeks something of the faith journey of the group into full communion with the Catholic Church. We are a peculiar bunch with all manner of idiosyncracies and weaknesses, but we trust in the Holy Spirit to guide us, at one with our Holy Father, Pope Benedict, into an ever deepening relationship with Christ our Lord. We rejoice at being able to celebrate the Mass together, at one in the Body of Christ, broken for us, and the Blood of Christ poured out for us. In these coming days of the Easter Triduum we will be especially close. You are all in my prayers.
    Fr. David Elder,
    SS Mary & Michael’s,Garstang

  3. Lesley Sargeant says:

    Many congratulations to you all and welcome to our Catholic family.
    I became a Catholic in 1979 and not only found my true spiritual home
    but a really fulfilled life over these past years since I said yes to my confirmation to our Faith.
    I wish you all the very best as you continue on your spiritual journey.

  4. allotmentgirl says:

    Congratulations indeed! Praying for you as you continue through Holy Week.

  5. Please receive our warm greetings and congratulations on being Received into the full communion of the Catholic Church from the Buckfast Ordinariate Group. (One of our members comes from Lancashire and two from Manchester!) May the Lord continue to reward you richly.

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