April Ordinariate Mass

Will be celebrated on Sunday 14th April at 12.30 pm at St Bernadette’s Bispham, Blackpool. All welcome to offer together our Mass in thanksgiving for our Lord’s resurrection and the triumph over evil, death and sin.

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March Ordinariate Mass

March Ordinariate Mass will take place on Sunday 10th March at 12.30 pm at St Bernadette’s Bispham Blackpool. All welcome. Our Mass is for the intention of the Election of the new Pope, as the Catholic Church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit chooses a new Supreme Pontiff to continue the Petrine ministry so ably and wonderfully fulfilled by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

And we thank God for Pope Emeritus for the gift of the Ordinariate, enabling us to enter into the full communion of the Catholic Church while retaining our cherished and treasured Anglican patrimony. The very existence of our group is the testimony to his wonderful vision for Christian unity.

Pope Benedict with Mgr Keith Newton, our Ordinary

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February Ordinariate Mass

will take place on Sunday 10th February (Quinquagesima) at 12.30 pm at St Bernadette’s Bispham Blackpool (entrance on Devonshire Road, car park on All Hallows Road). All welcome.

I have just returned from a memorable trip to Rome and a family visit to Japan. In Rome, I was able to re-visit many of my favourite churches, this time as a Catholic priest. Particularly moving was the Scavi tour, to the original resting place of St Peter deep under St Peter’s Basilica (the same trip I took years ago in 1974, when it was just opened to the public), saying private Mass in the Lithuanian Chapel in the Vatican Grottoes (shown below), visits to the Pontifical North American College and Venerable English College (where 44 of former seminarians were martyred for Catholic faith on their return) and the American Catholic parish of Santa Susanna. I attended General Audience with Pope Benedict, and was lucky enough to be seated only six rows from the front, with a good view of the platform from which the Holy Father spoke. I also stocked up on new albs and a chasuble, very resonably priced! From Rome I made a flying visit to Japan over a weekend, visiting my ailing mother, having meals with my elder brother and his wife and attending a ceremony on my father’s 6th anniversary.

Lithuanian Chapel of Mater Misericordiae

This month we start our observance of the holy season of Lent on 13th. With the threefold emphases on fasting, prayer and almsgiving, may we draw closer to our Lord in his 40 days and nights in the wilderness.

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January Ordinariate Mass

Just remind you that our January Ordinariate Mass will take place on Sunday 13th January at 12.30 pm at St Bernadette’s Bispham (main entrance on Devonshire Road, and car park on All Hallows Road). We are celebrating the Baptism of the Lord, to conclude the Christmas season on a high. Please come and support. Catholics, Anglicans, indeed everyone is welcome.

After Mass, we will go to the Red Lion next door for the New Year meal to celebrate the first year of the group’s existence.

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We have our London base!

News have just come from the Archbishop of Westminster that the historical Central London church of Our Lady of the Assumption and St Gregory, Warwick St (near Piccadilly Circus) is to be given over to the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham during Lent, initially for use by groups meeting in Central London. I hope it will become, in due course, our principal church. Since the Ordinariate was formed two years ago, we have been waiting and praying for a church that will be a focus for our liturgical celebrations and a centre for the Anglican Patrimony we have been asked by the Holy Father to preserve and celebrate. This is indeed a great news for all of us in the Ordinariate, and indeed for all Catholics and Anglicans praying and working for unity.

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Wishing Happy Christmas to all our readers and supporters

It’s been a memorable year here in Lancashire Ordinariate. Canonically established after our entry into the Catholic Church, ordinations and start of Ordinariate Masses. We have received wonderful welcome from Catholics everywhere, from Bishop Campbell to the people in the parishes. And the Ordinariate is going from strength to strength, with over 80 priests and now 12 religious sisters forming a new community, plus countless laity.
We look forward to 2013 with hope and expectation. If 2012 is anything to go by, it promises to be another exciting year.

See you at the January Ordinariate Mass on 13th!

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Into December

Our last Ordinariate Mass of the year will take place on Sunday 9th December at 12.30 pm. May I ask for a really good support?

I had a wonderful day recently sharing my experience of entering into full communion of the Catholic Church through the Ordinariate with the good people of Kirkby in Merseyside, hosted by the sisters of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary http://www.dhmary.com/. I was able to share my conviction that it was truly the work of the Holy Spirit, and this great action is something that all Catholics can rejoice and benefit from. In the Year of Faith, when we are all urged to renew our faith, celebrate it and share it with others, a renewed commitment to the life of grace through the word and the sacraments will bring countless benefits.

I wish all readers of this blog a holy and blessed Advent, and please, continue to pray for us as we try to put into practice the vision of the Holy Father that ‘all may be one’.

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November Ordinariate Mass

Will be on Sunday 11th November (Remembrance Sunday) starting 12.30 pm at St Bernadette’s. We will commemorate all those who have died in defence of our country and freedom during the Mass. We had a really good attendance last month, so let’s make a fresh effort to support the Ordinariate Mass, to further the vision of the Holy Father that the Ordinariate act as a bridge to further the unity of the Church. A warm welcome is extended to everyone.

I am fresh from a short break in Bangkok, during which I was able to celebrate Mass and had a chance to talk about the Ordinariate with some nuns working in Thailand and a Japanese Catholic community there.

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October Ordinariate Mass

Please note our October Ordinariate Mass will take place on the second Sunday, 14th October, starting at 12.30 pm at St Bernadette’s Bispham. Whether you are Anglicans or Catholics, everyone will be most welcome.

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Our first Ordinariate Mass!

History has been made when an Ordinariate Mass was celebrated for the first time in Lancashire Ordinariate Group today. Since the exploratory group became a full-fledged group on June 10th when I was ordained priest, it has taken a while with the summer holiday intervening, but we are glad that we have been able to hold out first celebration. There was only a small congregation but it’s a start, and we hope it will continue to gather momentum and become our spiritual focus as well as a beacon to draw others into closer unity with the Catholic Church. Many thanks to Tony who has stepped in to play the organ, and to my family for their support and prayers. All our hymns were taken from New English Hymnal, and we sang our hearts out.

Our next Ordinariate Mass will be again on the second Sunday, 14th October 12.30 pm at St Bernadette’s. Hope to see you!

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